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Roof Sarking Buyers Guide - Anticon Blanket, Sisalation & Proctor Wrap

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

G'day readers,

In the world of home improvements, we often overlook the importance of roof sarking and insulation. It might not be the first thing on your mind, but trust me, it’s crucial.

Understanding Roof Sarking And The Importance of Anticon Blanket

Having spent many years in the Trades and tested various products, including the popular Anticon Blanket, I'm here to share my insights and help you make the best choice.

I have personal experience in both purchasing roof sarking as well as its installation so I can provide you with some free homework.

Comparing Sisalation 456, Anticon Blanket, and Proctor Wrap HT

3 Rolls of 55mm Permastop Blanket or Anticon Blanket

First up, let's examine three major players in the game: Sisalation 456, the Anticon roof insulation blanket (also known as Permastop roof insulation blanket), and Proctor Wrap HT. These are all brilliant products, but they each have unique features that can cater to different needs.

Sisalation 456 is your sturdy workhorse - it ticks all the boxes in terms of R-value and adhering to Australian Standards.

The Anticon blanket steps it up a notch, providing excellent insulation along with superior condensation control, making it a highly versatile roof insulation blanket.

Proctor Wrap HT, on the other hand, is like a premium SUV. It provides improved condensation control.

In case you're a bit lost in the lingo, the R-value refers to thermal resistance—the higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance. And meeting Australian Standards? That's your guarantee that what you're using is safe and sound.

Compatibility of Roof Insulation Blankets with Different Materials

A roll of Sisalation 456 partially unrolled to show product
Sisalation 456 Extra Heavy Duty

Moving on, let's discuss the compatibility of these products with different roof materials. Whether you're dealing with a metal or tile roof, choosing a product that fits the bill is essential.

Buying the Anticon Blanket: What Affects the Price and Where to Purchase

Now, onto the brass tacks - pricing and purchasing.

Where you buy your Anticon blanket can make a significant difference in what you pay. Your options range from your local hardware store to browsing online e-commerce sites, local trade supply stores, and even buying directly from the manufacturer.

From my personal experience, the most convenient, and often cheapest way to order, is online.

Using Your Anticon Blanket: Roofing, Wall Cladding, and More

So, where can you put these products to use? They're not just for roofing. Wall cladding can also benefit from Sisalation. Plus, the thermal advantages can help you make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient, and let's not forget the benefits of condensation control.

Making the Right Choice with Your Anticon Blanket

Anticon Blanket installed on roof.
55mm Permastop Roof Insulation Blanket

In conclusion, doing your homework and choosing the right product for your specific needs is essential. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to seek expert advice, especially when it comes to installation.

So, while roof sarking may not be the flashiest topic, it's definitely one that deserves your attention.

Whether it's Sisalation 456, the Anticon blanket, or Proctor Wrap HT, there's a product out there that's just right for you.

Happy renovating, folks!

Stay tuned for more articles for more tips and tricks in the world of home improvement.

Catch you later!

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